Fall Festivities!

The Municipal Building in San Raymundo decorated for Independence Day

The Municipal Building in San Raymundo decorated for Independence Day

Summer is Gone and Fall is Here...

and Bringing Many Festivities to Guatemala With It

For Guatemala, September means it's time to celebrate! Celebrate what you ask?

Independence Day!

When Americans think about celebrating Independence Day, we think of a day full of fireworks, grilling, hot dogs... But here in Guatemala, things are done a bit differently.

For a solid two weeks the entire country celebrates and holds many traditional festivities leading up to their day of Independence -- which is on September 15. 

There are countless parades, nights dedicated to celebrating the culture and history of Guatemala, school elections for Miss Independence, Miss Morning Glory, Mister Morning Glory and others!

There is also a dance competition and a band exhibition.... 


I am very proud to announce that the Morning Glory students brought home a first place trophy for the secondary grade level dance competition and a second place trophy for the elementary grade level dance competition! 

And Speaking of Dancing...

Our summer wrapped up in such a phenomenal way, I must share! Compass Christian Church came down for their annual visit in late July. As usual, they were a wave of refreshment and a blast of energy that out students (and we ourselves) very much needed! 

Compass never fails to bring songs, or a fun saying that will stick for the rest of our school year. This year, I had the honor of leading worship in Bible class alongside Compass. I was excited for the opportunity to work with the youth and leaders who came down to pour into the students of Morning Glory.

I knew that working with Compass would be a joy. What I didn't know, is that the song they would help us come to love would effect my reputation so much... 

There is a song called "El monstruo de la Laguna" (the monster of the lagoon) that we use in our preschool and kindergarten Bible classes. It's one of those songs that just helps get the wiggles out. It is a very fun song to be silly to.

The song tells the kids to move their tummies and move their feet and move their hands. It also says at one point to move your hips. In the middle of our secondary student's Bible class, I jumped into the middle of a group of students and began dancing with them.

It must have been quite a surprise to them, because they were completely unaware their Bible teacher could mueve sus caderas (move her hips)!


I have yet to be able to go to another Bible class without the students BEGGING to sing "El monstruo de la laguna". Students randomly sing the song to me in the halls. Some teachers now only refer to me as the monster of the lagoon...and I love it!

I am so grateful for all the ministry Compass did while they were here and for bringing to life el monstruo de la laguna to finish out our year strong!

Pray With Us


The final weeks of school are always challenging for students and teachers alike. In the midst of Independence Day fun, school must carry on. Focus is hard to come by. For the staff and students of Morning Glory Christian Academy, focus will be even harder to find in the upcoming weeks. 

On the afternoon of September 8, 2018, Professor Edgar passed away in a terrible car accident. Profe Edgar had been a dedicated teacher at Morning Glory for over ten years. The staff and students will be missing him. Please pray for Profe Edgar's family, and for his Morning Glory family as we finish out our year -- one family member short. 

Please continue to pray for good health for all of us as we finish out our school year! 

Natalie Gillaspy