Fire Ignites Unity

Letters Written by 3rd Grade Students at Morning Glory Christian Academy to Send with Aid to the Victims and Refugees of Volcan Fuego's Destruction

Letters Written by 3rd Grade Students at Morning Glory Christian Academy to Send with Aid to the Victims and Refugees of Volcan Fuego's Destruction

Fire Ignites Unity

As many of you may know, Volcán de Fuego erupted more fiercely than it has in almost five decades. Fuego, Spanish word for "fire", is one of the most active volcanoes in Central America. A hundred years ago this same volcano erupted with such force that it completely destroyed the city of Antigua.

You may recall that I spent a month in Antigua last year learning Spanish. There are many restaurants, coffee shops and hotels in Antigua that have rooftop patios with spectacular views of the volcano. You can sit and watch on any normal day as Fuego spews small amounts of lava and smoke a few miles into the air. But it is rare for Fuego's daily activity to cause much if any real damage. 

On June 3, 2018, Fuego began to rumble. The eruptions often sound like thunder. When the surrounding cities and villages heard the ever so familiar sound of distant explosions, they didn't even think twice about evacuating. The sound of Fuego spewing lava is quite common, I have heard it myself on many occasions. This day however, would take a tragic turn. 


Fuego spewed lava nearly four miles into the air and rained hot ash down on the surrounding cities. The most dangerous part however, was the pyroclastic cloud that formed after the eruption... 

Moving at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, a cloud of volcanic ash, sand and hot gases raced down the volcano. The center of this cloud reached temperatures of over 1,000 degrees. The formation of a pyroclastic cloud is not extremely common for Fuego considering the eruptions are generally small and harmless. The inhabitants thought the eruption would be normal and small. They were completely unprepared for the ferocity and the pyroclastic flow that would follow. 

In The Midst of a Tragedy, The Students of Morning Glory Have Taken a Stand and Been a Light 

I am so proud of the students that I have the honor of working with every day. While we are safe in San Raymundo and only have to deal with the volcanic ash in our town...

Many students have family and friends closer to the volcano and its devastating effects. But they have not been discouraged.

On Monday afternoons, our third year basics students have Bible class. I begin each Bible class by greeting the students with a" good afternoon" and "how are you?". This past Monday I was answered with a deafening "Very bad!" in response to my question. When I asked the students why they were so bad they said "Our hearts are sad for our country. Can we take time to pray for our countrymen and our country?"

I was so excited to see that in the midst of disaster and a storm, our oldest students understood the importance of coming together before our Savior in prayer. 


The students have also taken to the streets to collect food, water and money to send to the thousands of refugees that have been displaced and lost many loved ones that could not escape the devastating effects of Volcan Fuego. I am so proud of these students and their compassionate hearts!  

Pray With Us

Please continue to pray for the people of Guatemala and the rescue workers who are on sight. Keep our ministry partner, Rescate Balam, in your prayers as they take supplies into the shelters and danger zones. And pray for the students of Morning Glory as they continue to grow in their faith!

If you would like to donate to those affected by Fuego, you can click the Donate button below or at the top of this page. Please select "Partner Support: Rescate Balam" all donations will go directly to our ministry partner for supplies. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! 

Natalie Gillaspy