Summer Fun.

Starting our summer off right with Bible class on the soccer field led by Curtis Lake Christian Church! (Yes I do #dabforJesus)

Starting our summer off right with Bible class on the soccer field led by Curtis Lake Christian Church! (Yes I do #dabforJesus)

Morning Glory Knows How to Do Summer... 

Summer is here and in full force! And I'm not talking about the weather. After all, Guatemala is the land of eternal spring. 

I'm talking about groups. American groups, visiting from various parts of the United States. They are here and working hard with us to spread the good news, joy and love of our Savior!

"Praise the LORD all you nations; extol Him, all you peoples. For His great love toward us and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever."
-Psalm 117:1-2

Summer time in San Raymundo has quickly become one of my favorite times of the year. This is partially because of the groups that come down to minister with us, and partially because of the interns who dedicate their summers to serving in Guatemala. 

As many of you know, part of my job serving here with our partner, Morning Glory Christian Academy, is to lead worship in Bible class. I absolutely love leading kids in praising  Jesus!

However, leading kids in praise and worship requires a ridiculous amount of energy. I always enjoy when someone comes along who exudes energy and a passion for praising God with me.

This year, the interns at Morning Glory have done an excellent job of stepping up during worship and leading the students into the presence of God.  


Pray With Us

Full time ministry comes with its fair share of challenges. Summer is an extremely busy time for missions organizations world wide as many short term American teams plan their trips around when school is out stateside. 

Interns and those seeking out a place to serve beyond their borders also tend to flood foreign ministries during the summer. Please keep the Morning Glory staff, the interns and myself in your prayers this summer as we tackle the challenges that working together in close quarters presents. Pray for peace among us as new personalities mesh. Pray for unity among us as we work together to build the Kingdom of God. And lastly, pray for our health, as we continue to serve side by side every day. 

Thank YOU so much for all you have done to keep this ministry alive. Your prayers, words of encouragement and financial support are such a blessing to me!

Natalie Gillaspy