New in 2019?

As the school year comes to an end in Guatemala, the students at Morning Glory are anxiously awaiting their vacation time. Of course, most welcome the change of pace.

It means not waking up early every morning to take a bus and go to class. For some it's a time to rest... for others it's a time to work.

Since Guatemala is primarily an agrarian society, school is out for "summer break" during a time that accommodates harvest season -- Mid-October through mid-January. 

So as one chapter of life closes this October, a new one will open for each student in January as they graduate or move on to the next grade. 

But They Aren't the Only Ones Beginning a New Chapter...

As this school year comes to an end, a time of furlough begins for Natalie. A time to prepare for next level work... 

Natalie has learned so much in her 2 years with Morning Glory. From Spanish lessons and teaching styles to learning new dance moves… every single day has been an adventure!

However, there is a time and a season for all things.

Thanks to Lori Nij, Director of Morning Glory, and other mentors encountered throughout Nat’s two year journey -- she’s acquired a basic working knowledge of how schools work in Guatemala from an administrative standpoint. 

To stop learning is to stop growing the work and... 

Natalie is Ready to Expand her Knowledge

But don’t let us spoil the news. Here’s Natalie with a note updating us on her plans:

”Next year I am planning to attend Grand Canyon University online to pursue a Masters in Education. While I’ve been able to learn many things on sight and on the ground in Guatemala, I desire to be able to understand the inner workings of a classroom better and be able to offer a higher level of education to the students I serve. 

Through prayer, guidance from spiritual leaders and advice from veteran missionaries, I know that taking the time to better equip myself with the skills I need off the field will benefit me and my students. 

But saying goodbye is never easy... even if it is only hasta luego (until later)…

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD” --Jeremiah 29:11

I have absolutely fallen in love with Guatemala, the town of San Raymundo and the students and staff at Morning Glory Christian Academy.  

I am forever grateful to each and every teacher and student who patiently helped me learn the beautiful Spanish language and better understand the culture I have been living in. I am also grateful to them for accepting me and showing me the love of Christ. 

I am thankful for Director Lori Nij, who has been willing to allow me to sit at her feet to listen and learn. 

Pray With Us

With the school year coming to an end, please keep the third year basics students, our graduates, in your prayers. Pray for them to have the motivation to finish strong. And the drive to continue pursing their dreams. Pray that the spiritual lessons they learned during their time at Morning Glory would stay in their hearts and they would keep God first in every area of their lives. 

Please pray for me (Natalie) as well. As my furlough begins, pray that my heart will be open to hear from the Lord follow His plan.  

If you are currently a monthly partner, your reoccurring gifts will be saved and go toward my return to Guatemala full time. Although I’ll be in the US for the year 2019, I’ll still be visiting San Raymundo to continue building relationships and serving the people of Guatemala.

Thank you to all who’ve partnered with me in this ministry over the past couple years. None of it would be possible without you.


Natalie Gillaspy


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