Guat's Been Going On

Guat's Been Going On: An Update from Molly Noonan Serving in Guatemala…

Hanging out at recess with some of the amazing girls I have gotten to know over my last two summers here!

Hanging out at recess with some of the amazing girls I have gotten to know over my last two summers here!

I Officially Moved to Guatemala! 

FINALLY, after months of anticipation and a few flight cancellations, I made it to Guatemala! I arrived in San Raymundo on September 22nd, and began moving into a cute little green house where I will spend the next year or so living while I teach at Morning Glory. 


Coming to Guatemala as a full-time missionary has been a 6 year journey of prayer, fasting, and little steps of faith. Each year I traveled to Guatemala to do short-term mission work, the Lord continued to tell me that my work here was just beginning. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but I continued to have faith in His bigger plan. This led to me spending the last two summers teaching here. Little did I know... the Lord was shaping my heart for something bigger.

Flash forward to earlier this year: College graduation was nearing and I had no idea what I was going to do afterwards. So I continued to pray the prayer I have spent the last 6 years praying, "Lord, my heart is in Guatemala. If it is your will, if it is your desire, send me back." Shortly thereafter, I was approached by CEIBA VIDA with a job offer and now here I am in Guatemala for good! 


I spent my first week here hanging out at Morning Glory (a CEIBA VIDA partner), the school I will begin teaching at in January. It was so much fun catching up with the kiddos and teachers I have built relationships with over the past two summers here! I helped out a lot in Bible and English classes, as these are the classes I will likely be teaching come January. 

On my second day at school, a sweet student that I have grown particularly close to over my past few years here brought me flowers she picked on her way to school! Another day, I got to spend recess talking with and praying for a student that was having a difficult time while I was here last summer. 

What an honor it has been to build relationships with these kiddos over the past two years. I cannot wait to see how God uses this opportunity, now that I am here full-time, to continue to build His Kingdom!


After a week in San Raymundo, I headed to Antigua for Spanish Language school for 6 weeks of intensive classes. While I picked up a lot of Spanish teaching here the last two summers, let's just say grammar has not been my friend.


So, I packed up and moved to Antigua to live with a Guatemalan family and study Spanish for a while!

Let me just tell you, the Lord blessed me so much with an amazing host family and the best Spanish teacher I could have asked for! Not only did they spend the last 6 weeks helping me learn their language, they prayed with me, encouraged me, and taught me how to do things the Guatemalan way. I now know how to barter for the best prices at the market, cook traditional Guatemalan dishes, AND wash dishes and laundry in my pila (a traditional Guatemalan sink).

They also taught me so much about the Guatemalan culture and the struggles of their people, which has helped me understand the people I will be serving so much more! While my Spanish is still far from perfect, I am closer to being fully fluent than I was 6 weeks ago.

Muchas gracias to my amazing host mom, Violeta, and my hilarious teacher, Silvia! 


While I have raised enough funds to cover my time at language school and a few months of ministry in 2019, I am still trying to grow my monthly support base.

Right now, I am currently being supported with $200 each month. I need $900 more in monthly donations to reach $1,100 in monthly support. 

Thanks to your generosity thus far, I have raised roughly $3,000! This helped completely pay for language school, and will be a great foundation to get my ministry started in January. 

As a full-time missionary, this budget not only helps subsidize my cost of living, it is the money I use for ministry, teaching materials, food, and emergencies! Would you consider joining my monthly support team?

Every donation of $15/$25/$50+ helps further the work Jesus has called me to do in Guatemala! You can give here:

If it is not your time to give financially, I understand! As a missionary I gladly accept all the prayer support I can get. Pray for Guatemala and pray for me as I prepare to enter this new season. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


  • Please pray for the people of Guatemala, our work with Rescate Balam (Emergency Medical Rescue) and our ministry partner Morning Glory Christian Academy.

  • The students and teachers I will be serving this coming January!

  • That my Spanish fluency will continue to increase so I can communicate better with the people I will be serving.

  • For the Lord's guidance and provision as I step into this new season of ministry. 


Molly Noonan