Morning Glory Christian Academy is a private Christian school of 650 students located in San Raymundo, Guatemala. CEIBA VIDA's creation is directly inspired by the Morning Glory Model which has proven to be extremely effective in promoting lasting and sustainable change in the community and country.

Morning Glory Founder and Director, Lori Nij, has dedicated her life to serving the people of Guatemala. Every single team member of CEIBA VIDA has been directly influenced by her passion, life, and ministry. We are so excited to be partnered and working collaboratively alongside Lori and Morning Glory.

CEIBA VIDA currently provides Natalie Gillaspy and Molly Noonan as staff members to Morning Glory & their related ministries.

To learn more about Morning Glory & give to this work, visit their website:



Rescate Balam is a group of volunteers who train up leaders to support rural communities in emergencies, natural disasters, humanitarian aid, basic first aid, forest fires and social work in places where common rescue units do not have access.

They are Christ centered and high octane, providing rural emergency services where there are none.  David Lopez, founder and Executive Director of Rescate Balam, has served as a Campus Crusades for Christ missionary, martial arts instructor, paratrooper and combat trainer. His vision is to live out Christ in his daily life utilizing the skills God has given him. All services provided by Rescate Balam are free to the public and each team member, including David, are 100% volunteer.

CEIBA VIDA is the legal covering in the United States for Balam. Together we work to grow the work of Balam into more rural areas. We do this by holding EMT Training Seminars, providing on call medical consultation, providing medical and rescue equipment, building PR and fundraising. Samuel Houck also serves as Director of the San Raymundo chapter.

To learn more about Rescate Balam, visit their Facebook Page: Balam Guatemala (Spanish only)
If you would like to give to our partner, please visit our donation page and select "Rescate Balam" as the recipient.



We currently serve in San Raymundo, Guatemala & the surrounding areas.



“You can do something other than working with God in His purpose, but it will always be something lesser, and you couldn’t come up with something better.”

Steve Hawthorne